Our People

2018 Board of Directors – (back row) Michel Lapointe, Charla LeBlanc, Eugene Malo, Mel Kammerer. (front row) Jocelyne Durocher, Raymonde Schile, Rita Hebert, John Schile

The Roots of Change Foundation is a grassroots charity founded on hope and compassion. Our tireless volunteers and Board of Directors passionately donate their time and skills to reach our fundraising goals.

We are run by a team of ethically motivated individuals who believe in complete transparency of our operations.

Many of the the volunteers and Board Members are connected to members of our sister organization FUNDACCO by having developed personal relationships, a deep sense of comradery, and love for the Nicaraguan people and their solidarity.

We pride ourselves on the fact that over 90 cents of every dollar raised in Canada goes towards our projects and programs in Nicaragua.

The needs in Nicaragua are limitless and our goal is to do what we can to reduce these needs by raising as much funding as possible for our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.

Board of Directors

Please feel free to contact any of the Directors with your questions and/or concerns.

PresidentDavid Fréchette
Vice PresidentRod Valdes
SecretaryLucille Damer
TreasurerMel Kammerer
Projects – Ken Handford
Donations – Jocelyne Durocher
Scholarships – John Schile
Delegations – Michel Lapointe
Director – Lloyd Arcand
Director – Charla LeBlanc