The Foundation can accommodate up to five groups per year. Each group will shape their trip according to their own objectives (social justice, spirituality, community building etc.) Help is needed in agricultural, construction and school projects.

Groups travelling to Nicaragua with help from the Foundation can be billeted with families. Your stay with a family will allow you to better appreciate the daily routine of ordinary people and to get a taste for the local food, customs and the language. Transportation is provided by local busing companies. However long your mission is, you may want to end the experience with a little vacation on Isla Ometepe or in Masaya, Granada or San Juan del Sur. There are several possibilities.

This kind of missionary trip is not for everyone. One must keep in mind the extreme heat, the work schedule and the long bus rides. Unforeseen circumstances are a real possibility and an open mind and a readiness to be flexible are essential. The better one is prepared prior to the trip (e.g. cultural awareness, Spanish courses, health issues), the more likely one will have a more enriching and enjoyable experience. Having said this, if you are willing to embark on a Nicaragua adventure, you will create wonderful memories and bonds with your host family and the community as a whole.

The average cost for a two week trip per person is between $800 and $1000, excluding travel to Managua. This amount may vary depending on the type of accommodations one chooses and the distances being traveled in the country. FUNDACCO will be able to provide us with a better idea of pricing once they know exactly what you will be doing and where. You will also be charged a small fee by FUNDACCO for organizing the logistics of your missionary trip.

In short, what you receive during a missionary trip often surpasses what we, as North Americans, have to offer. As many of our past delegates have said, “This experience will transform your life!”

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