The FUNDACCO Family – April 2019

Back row from left: Jelmi Davila ~ Clinic Custodian, Vania Lopez ~ Clinic Pharmacist, Katty Lumbi ~ Assistant to the Doctor and Pharmacist, Maria Suarez ~ Clinic Doctor, Pedro Cortes ~ Social Educator Youth Programs, Massiel Murillo ~ Satellite Clinics Doctor & Chairman of the Board, Maria Araica ~ Project Coordinator, Estalin Martinez ~ Fundacco Office Security

Front row from left: Carlos Martinez ~ Clinic Security, Harol Alvarez ~ Social Educator San Benito & Secretary of the Board, Enma Lopez ~ Fundacco Office Custodian, Luis Mora ~ Administrative Coordinator & Vice President of the Board, Missing: Pedro Pavon ~ Clinic Lab Technician

In October of 2007, two years after Roots of Change was established, FUNDACCO was formed by our founder, Father Denis Hébert.

Registered as a charitable society with the Nicaraguan government, FUNDACCO is unique in that they are made up entirely of Nicaraguans, which has contributed significantly to their success.

Their understanding of the hardships faced by their people is what has set them apart from many of the aid organizations working in the country.

With objectives and a mission the same as ours, FUNDACCO is listed with the Canada Revenue Agency as our agent. They have a mandate to facilitate and continue the missionary work of Father Denis in Nicaragua.

FUNDACCO is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet on a regular base to chart the direction of the organization.

FUNDACCO 2019 Board of Directors (from left) Harol Osmany Andrade Alvarez – Fiscal, Kenia del Carmen Tijerino Umana – Secretary, Luis Enrique Cruz Mora – Vice President, Massiel Ivett Aguilar Murillo – President, Francisco Antonio Hernandez Gonzalez – Treasurer

Together, our organizations have been successful in completing many projects over the years. In the process, FUNDACCO has expanded its capacity and capabilities through the Foundation’s support for ongoing academic and professional training for the FUNDACCO leadership team.

The team’s effectiveness in working with diverse communities and managing projects through all phases has grown substantially and this has gained them national recognition in Canada for their approach.

FUNDACCO continues to advance the goals of both organizations through their ability to maintain the dignity of the people who benefit from our programs.

Today FUNDACCO continues to rely on its partner, the Roots of Change Foundation, to financially support their organization which strives to improve conditions in the communities where they have developed programs.

Your generous gift will continue Father Denis’ work of bringing hope and opportunity to families and communities struggling to improve their lives and those of their children.

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