COVID-19 Appeal

May 2020

Dear Reader,

These are difficult times for Father Denis’ ‘extended family’ in Nicaragua. FUNDACCO, through no fault of their own, has been experiencing additional hardships since 2015 which are contributing to what could ultimately be their demise.

Not only has this trend been the result of a significant drop in donations and high exchange rates, but more recently the political situation in Nicaragua has caused their economy to spiral downward since the uprising in April 2018.

Today, with the onset of the pandemic and a repressive government which has done little to mitigate the virus, the few news reports which are managing to make it out of the country paint a very grim picture with many unreported deaths, and burials being done at night by government officials.

At the beginning of May, and as a result of the pandemic, the FUNDACCO Board of Directors made the difficult decision to close the Clinica San Rafael Arcangel.  The clinic has had an average monthly income of $1,200 (US), which, since 2015 has paid for operational costs (utilities, maintenance, vehicle costs, taxes, office supplies etc.).

This source of revenue is now gone, but operational costs still exist for the 3 properties that FUNDACCO owns.

The RofC is appealing to our readers for donations to cover these costs until such time as the clinic can be back in operation. If you would like to donate, please mark your donation ‘Covid-19 Appeal’.

Let us keep Father Denis’ Nicaraguan family in our prayers, and please consider making a donation in response to this plea for help.

More importantly, spread the word about our work of bringing Hope to people who live in despair.

Let us continue the work of The Good Samaritan, our founder Father Denis Hébert.

Roots of Change Foundation Board of Directors

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