Education: The key to unlocking the cycle of poverty

Since his arrival to Nicaragua in 1990, Father Denis helped deserving young people with funding for post-secondary education. In 2009 scholarship support was formally recognized in our annual budget as the FUNDACCO Scholarship Program, a program that allowed donors to sponsor individual students over the course of their studies.

The program was initiated after members of a 2008 delegation were determined to help the many young high school graduates they encountered in the small community of Cinco Pinos. These young people had very little opportunity for employment in the community and had no resources to go on to post-secondary education.

Beneficiaries of the 2009 Scholarship Program in Cinco Pinos

In the first year of the program, eight students received university scholarships and ten received assistance for short courses.

Today this important program continues to make the dreams of many young people become a reality through the generous support of our donors.

The program has expanded since its inception to include all types of post-secondary training, not only for young people, but for all ages.

Support Education Programs

Donors who contribute to the program will receive a detailed report of all participants who have benefited from the program including (where possible) letters from students and their academic grades. The report will also contain full financial disclosure of how the ‘Education Program’ pool of funds was distributed.

Donations can now be in any amount a donor chooses. Courses funded by the program range from full university scholarships which are based on a five year term at $1800/year (CAN) to $40 a month (CAN) subsistence to help offset costs for students taking short courses.

All beneficiaries of ‘Education Programs’ are monitored and must meet certain criteria in order to continue to receive funding.