Health and Wellness

Clinica San Rafael Arcangel

Three quarters of the population in Nicaragua have no access to primary health care. Malnutrition is a fact of life for 20% of the children.

The majority of garbage in the capital city of Managua is not treated and the cities dump was the home and source of living for many families but this has been changing in recent years.

Approximately 70% of the country’s population earn less than $2.00 per day, and of those, about 20% earn less than $1.00 daily.

Because of their extreme poverty and the unhealthy living conditions, access to Medical Clinics is critical to improving the lives of people in Nicaragua, one the poorest countries in Central America.

Common illnesses such as pneumonia and diarrhea can become life threatening for children who are not treated. An increasing number of women with gynecological problems are not attended to in a timely and personal manner.

Women and children continue to bear the consequences of unresolved medical issues and the increasing incidence of family violence.

It was these issues that led Father Denis to pursue the construction of a clinic that would help people closest to him in the community where he lived.

In 2008, construction on the Clinica San Rafael Arcangel began in the barrio of Edgard Lang, only steps away from where Father Denis lived.

Support Health and Wellness

With a yearly operational budget of $25K (USD), the clinic today sees on average 15 consults daily. Staff is composed of a full time medical doctor, pharmacist, social worker and lab technician.

In addition to the clinic, we fund and operate the Casa Esperanza Clinics Program, six satellite clinics located in some of the poorest barrios in Managua. These clinics are attended by a medical doctor once a week on a rotation bases.