Project Funding

Our work in Nicaragua is grouped into three categories, Ongoing Programs, Donor Sponsored Projects and Education Programs each of which are funded differently.

Ongoing Programs

Ongoing Programs are activities that the Roots of Change fund year after year and include:

Some of these programs have been running for over 25 consecutive years and were started by our founder Father Denis Hébert when he arrived in Managua in 1990. They continue today due to their success and the significant impact they are having on the communities where they are delivered.

Funding for these programs come from general donations made to the Foundation that have not been earmarked for a specific project. Included in this funding category are the administrative costs to coordinate and deliver the above programs.

Donor Sponsored Projects

Donor Sponsored Projects are those that have been identified by FUNDACCO as being needed in a community or by individuals/groups in Canada who recognize a need and who have the resources to fund the entire project. Funding is based on a project proposal prepared by FUNDACCO that includes background information on the beneficiary(s), justification for the project, a detailed description of activities and a budget.

Many of our supporters have had an opportunity to travel to Nicaragua to view first hand the needs of the people in the communities where we work. From that experience ideas are proposed and upon their return to Canada, they work on fundraising to support their Social Justice goals.

Education Programs

Our Education Programs include University Scholarships, College Certificates and other Post Secondary courses that are made available to applicants who meet criteria for funding.

This successful program has been growing year after year because of the generosity of those who support the program and understand that;

‘Education is the way to a better life and the key that will unlock the cycle of poverty’

Donations earmarked for Education in any given year are pooled and form the ‘Education Budget’ for the following year. From this pool of funds, beneficiaries receive a monthly allowance based on their application and course they are taking.

All students are monitored and must meet certain criteria and grades to continue to receive funding.

Donors who contribute to the program receive a report in January that provides details and the progress of each beneficiary as well as a financial summary of ‘Education’ funding received in the previous year.

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