Our Mission

A Partnership for Hope

Founded by Father Denis Hébert, the Roots of Change works to develop relationships, spread awareness and provide financial support and guidance to our partner organization FUNDACCO.

The success of both organizations, and the partnership, can be attributed to the implementation of Father’s often repeated axiom: “Listen, think, and then do.”

… to serve human nature programs should reduce inequities, eliminate discrimination, free men from the bonds of servitude, and thus give them the capacity, in the sphere of temporal realities, to improve their lot, to further their moral growth and to develop their spiritual endowments … (34)

Quality of Life & Sustainable Development

We passionately pursue an improved quality of life for people living in the second poorest country in Central America, and we live by the global mindset that we must all rise together.

We encourage sustainable development by providing FUNDACCO with funding to identify and administer projects that meet our charitable objectives.

We employ, train, and educate local community members to assist and be involved in projects. We work closely with them to ensure projects are meeting timelines and objectives, and we measure the immediate and long-term impact on the community.

The Roots of Change Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every dollar will have the greatest possible impact and we invest in SMART initiatives that project long-term, sustainable community outcomes.

Over $0.90 of every donated dollar is sent to Nicaragua to fund projects and activities

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