Somotillo Region Five Water Well Project

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Communities of Las Mesitas, El Danto, Las Pilas, El Papalón and La Danta

Project Justification

The Dry Corridor of Nicaragua covers a large part of west central Nicaragua and is located in the departments of León and Chinandega. Of the 153 municipalities in the country, 33 are located in this Dry Corridor area, with Somotillo and Villanueva being part of them.

The inhabitants of these municipalities suffer the most from climate change. The current atmospheric conditions cause droughts that affect the crops and the living conditions of the inhabitants.

Water in these communities is sourced from underground aquifers that are not being replenished to normal levels during the rainy season.

Deforestation and longer dry seasons are contributing factors that cause shallow hand dug wells to dry up forcing people to walk to a neighboring community for their daily water.

It was the abundance of water from these shallow wells that created these small communities which have existed for generations. With change in global weather patterns these wells are drying up causing people to migrate in search for new sources of water – an impossible task for people who don’t have the means.

Today some have been forced to dig small wells on the banks of streams or ravines to obtain water that will be used for family consumption. This exposes them to infections from ingesting water that may be contaminated. There has been a noticeable rise in water related infections in people of these communities.

Shallow poorly designed wells are also subjected to contamination during flash floods in the rainy season which renders them useless for human consumption.

Another consequence of the changing times are children remaining home from school during the dry season to help their families transport water from a neighboring community. This is not easy task in the hilly rugged north of the country.

The benefit of this project in these communities will be huge. To have a tap that delivers fresh drinkable water next to each home is a dream that many people thought they would never see in their life time.

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Members of the benefiting communities were asked to provide a letter of support for this project. Four communities responded to the request; Las Mesitas, Las Pilas, El Papalon and El Danto. These letters include a signature from the representative of each household that will receive service to their home. At the end of each document is a translation of the cover letter.

For a translated copy of the complete Project Proposal submitted by FUNDACCO click here

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