Santa Teresa Water Rehab Project

Water infrastructure damaged during a 2014 earthquake

Spring 2019

The community of Santa Teresa is located 4 km from Somotillo, in the state department of Chinandega. The 320 people in 87 families in this community needed to rebuild their water distribution system due to deterioration of the metal structure supporting the tank and damage to the tank itself. An earthquake in 2014 caused the structure to collapse, leaving the community with the well and pump but without the storage tank which fed an existing distribution network of piping.

Existing water storage tower damaged during an earth quake in 2014

The community of Santa Teresa is located in the so-called “Dry Corridor” of Nicaragua. It is an area that has been severely affected by the natural phenomenon “El Niño” for six consecutive years, resulting in problems with both the quantity and quality of available water.

The people of this community grow corn, sorghum, wheat, and sesame for family consumption. Cattle are raised for milk products and meat. Any surplus families have is taken to market. The women of the family also raise chickens, ducks, and manage the family garden which include tomatoes, peppers, squash and watermelon. The supply of water is important for all these activities not to mention water for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing of clothes.

Water is the lifeblood of a community, something we take for granted in Canada.

To re-establish the water storage tank and distribution system, a project was created with input from a Water Committee that was formed from within the community and FUNDACCO. The committee was responsible for managing the proper scheduled use of the water by each of the 4 sectors of the community as well as for the cleaning and protection of the tank, pump and piping. The committee will also plant trees in the area to protect the aquifer mantle around the existing well and will ensure those benefiting in the community meet their monthly payments and maintenance requirements.

Members of the Santa Teresa water committee pose for a picture following completion of the project

The installation included a new tower built of reinforced concrete and designed to withstand the local conditions and natural disasters. Also included was a new 5000 liter tank and underground piping to connect an existing distribution network.

The generous contribution of Mr Scott Nelson and the faith these people have in God and each other brought the project to completion.

“May God bless you Mr. Scott Nelson and all the people around you, because you have contributed to the well-being and happiness of 87 families (320 people), and have fulfilled the dream of Father Denis: “to help those most in need”..

Members of the Santa Teresa community and the FUNDACCO team